Clonehenge Discovered

Clonehenge Image

It is the Fall again and time to scan and photograph the ever increasing pile of Stonehenge postcards and collectables collecting here in the cave. When out of the blue comes a Twit from Clonehenge about to my StonehengeCollectables gallery.  A quick inspection of her blog proved to be a joy.  I look forward to becoming a regular contributor to it.  Needless to say,  it  fired me up and here I am trying my hand at Blogging again….. Is there anyone out there reading these Mutterings….

My first submission to Clonehenge was gracefully accepted and quickly posted, in thanks I have sent her a postcard commemorating its Six Druids award .

My current plans for the Stonehenge Gallery upgrade include adding a new item, create or cleanup at least one album every day until I get caught up with the backlog of the acquired but not yet documented stuff.  This includes stuff lost on shelves and collecting in corners around here.  I will post to Clonehenge images of some stuff I have, well how can I say it, that are not truly a Stonehenge collectable but most definitely meets The Rules of Henginess.

Til Later … off to create new a few and fix some links ….

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