Stonehenge Eclipse Info

If you have not noticed yet, I have begun Tweeting daily about Solar Eclipse’s viewable from Stonehenge (providing there was clear sky at the time) I am working in a 5,000 year range from 1999BC to 3000AD and have found that on most days I have 3 to 5 eclipses dates to choose from both past and future. But Alas there are a very few days like yesterday November 23 when there never has and never will be an Eclipse occurring in the 5,000 year window. These eclipseless days are very rare indeed.

This is my first attempt to post to wordpress from an email, we will see how it goes.

4 Responses to “Stonehenge Eclipse Info”

  1. akhen3sir Says:

    Do you fancy including lunar eclipses too? Might be, er, illuminating 🙂

    • stonehengecollector Says:

      Yes I have considered it, BUT…
      1. Lunar eclipses happen far more often and I am working with some Solar Eclipse tracking software using the NASA Solar eclipse data.
      2. In a Lunar eclipse the shadow of the earth passes over the moon, real Kool if you are on the moon and the sun goes out. Here on earth photogenic but not history changing like Solar eclipses have been in the past.
      3 With Solar eclipses on the other hand the shadow of the moon passes over the viewer here on earth, ask any eclipse-chaser which is more awesome, to watch the moon turn red for a while or the sun to be eaten by the cosmic shadow creature and go out.

      That is not to say I don’t change my mind and track a few modern lunar eclipses, just not on a day to day basis.

      • akhen3sir Says:

        I suspect that lunar eclipses may have been more “history changing” in the past than they are today – especially since they are more frequent than solar (more opportunities to demonstrate your predictive power, if you’re a neolithic astronomer-priest)

        Remembering also that Stonehenge was primarily a lunar-oriented monument at first (going by the ancient apparent reorientation of the Avenue/henge entrance markers from lunar to solar maximum northerly rising), it might be interesting to look for lunar eclipses too.

        But yes, since there are 260+ Saros cycles in your timeframe it’d seriously clutter up your tweets to have to list every lunar eclipse that occurred on the same calendar date 🙂

        There is one lunar eclipse tweet of interest you could post in the near future though: “Just before dawn on winter solstice 2010 a total lunar eclipse will be viewable from Stonehenge, setting in the north west”

        I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

  2. zynga Says:

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