STONEHENGE Accurate 1/72” Scale Model

What is wrong with this Stonehenge Diorama ?
Stonehenge Diorama

I purchased this 1/72” scale model of Stonehenge on eBay, the eBay auction listing describes it as: ‘a very accurate STONEHENGE 1/72 scale Display Diorama. Comes 9 1/2″ by 3″ high. This is what it looks like today.’

So it is now time for everyone to chirp in with an answer to the question “So what is wrong with this Diorama ?”.

I will be adding more pictures and muttering more detail about this one after some of our loyal followers have had a chance to chirp in with their answers. If you do not have Twitter access feel free to email me at Bob(at) Contact me with your answer and I will send a PostcardBob original Stonehenge postcard to all who respond.

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One Response to “STONEHENGE Accurate 1/72” Scale Model”

  1. stonehengecollector Says:

    This Build Your Own Stonehenge pic may give you a clue to the Diorama puzzle if you look close. Ok folks I want to send a lot of postcards out 🙂

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