1800’s photograph of visitor at Stonehenge

When this photograph, titled “Stones back of alter at Stonehenge” appeared on eBay I jumped at it.  The back indicated it was from the collection of, and at one time licensed for use by, Culver Pictures of New York for a long time.

Early 1800's closeup of Stone 56

Culver Stonehenge Photo (c1860)

I was pleased to find Culver Picture was still in business and the nice lady currently in charge of keeping track of licensing there confirmed that in 2005, this photo along with a number of other items from the collection were sold to a broker for eventual sale into the collectables market. It turned out this was in fact the same fine seller I was dealing with on eBay.

Closeup of 4 Stone Stack at Stonehenge

Stone Stack at Stonehenge

Based on what I call the stone stack, this image was captured some time before 1877, the date of the first photo I can find that shows the 4th stone moved off of, and laying to the side of stone 56.

I am looking for more dated photographic examples to narrow down the date range of this image.

My questions for any archeological friends are:

What was this stones number ?

When was it moved and by whom ?

and lastly Where did it go in 1901 when stone 56 was righted ?

2 Responses to “1800’s photograph of visitor at Stonehenge”

  1. David Corio Says:

    I have a stereoview with a date on the back October 16 1871 titled Stonehenge – Near View From The West No 209 taken by G.W. Wilson Photographer Aberdeen which looks like the stones are in the same position. It is from slightly further back than your image and slightly to the left. If you check on my web-site I have many megalith photos and published a book entitled Megaliths 6 years ago.
    Best of luck with your search.

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