Stonehenge Digital Collectibles on YouTube

Digital Collectables are bits of information that have no weight and only occupy space in a single dimension for a moment in time. They are neither Matter or Energy, yet able to be encoded and stored and transmitted in both.  This blog is in fact but bits in the cloud as is the StonehengeCollectables Gallery and not necessary immune to a well placed tear in the fabric of the internet, or a total loss of power. While the cloud is a very big thing, today we will look at a few YouTube examples.

Sketchup 7 Podium animation Time Lapse: Stonehenge
is a fine example of a pure digital collectable. Digitally produced in the Google cloud, stored, and transferred via the internet to your mind, never to exist in the physical world but as flashes on your screen, yet it is unquestionably Hengie, collectable and referable.

Street View Trike at Stonehenge
provides an outside view looking in, at the digital transfer and of a moment in the life of Stonehenge into a street-view in the Google Cloud.

Entertainment Examples like
Spinal Tap Tiny Stonehenge
and Eddie Izzard – Stonehenge are popular, as is
Stonehenge Apocalypse – Shooting Stars

Movie Scenes taken at and about Stonehenge are popular.
Tess of the D’urbervilles (2008) – Stonehenge Scene
but nothing is a popular as Building Stonehenge – This Man can Move Anything with just shy of 6 million views at the time of this muttering. Sensational titles like
Real Ghost caught on tape – Ancient burial grounds in England.
Ghost caught on tape – Stonehenge – 100% Proof

Ghost caught on tape – Stonehenge – 100% Proof
Stonehenge link to UFO sightings: 4000 year old Alien Grey found.
draw large followings as does
Secrets of Stonehenge by NationalGeographic
who some might consider just as controversial.

I will close this list today with two examples that while unquestionably Hengie only qualify as Clonehenges at best.
BambooHenge: Stonehenge Rotterdam
Stonehenge – Carhenge

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